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NCMEC understands the vital role that data and analysis play in developing policy, response protocol, and preventive education programs. We offer a comprehensive library of NCMEC case data and publications pertaining to missing and exploited children’s issues.

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By the Numbers

21.7 million +

reports made to the CyberTipline in 2020.

18,300 +

attempted abductions analyzed.

According to a NCMEC analysis, 67% of attempted abductions involved the suspect driving a vehicle.

Missing Children Analysis

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Analysis of Cases Involving Missing Children with Suicidal Tendencies
A 10-Year Analysis of Attempted Abductions and Related Incidents
Native American Children Reported Missing to NCMEC
Latest AMBER Alert Report
Missing Children on the Autism Spectrum
Latest Analysis of Infant Abduction Trends
Family Abductions: What We've Learned

Read the executive summary here.

An Analysis of Missing Male Victims of Child Sex Trafficking
Children Missing from Care: 2017 Highlights
Children Missing from Care: 2019 Update
Unidentified Child Remains: Analysis of Identifications

Sexual Exploitation Analysis

The Online Enticement of Children: An In-Depth Analysis of CyberTipline Reports

Read the executive summary here.

Global Research Project: A Global Landscape of Hotlines Combating Child Sexual Abuse Material on the Internet and an Assessment of Shared Challenges
Production and Active Trading of Child Sexual Exploitation Images Depicting Identified Victims

Read the executive summary here.

Trends Identified in CyberTipline Sextortion Reports


NCMEC has a number of publications on the topics of missing and exploited children’s issues as well as those on child safety and abuse prevention. View them here.